Monday, March 16, 2009

Evening got worse.

Sunday night didn’t get any better, in fact it got worse and I ended up in bed for seven o’clock and then spent a while on the bathroom floor expecting to be sick, which thankfully I wasn’t [the thought of having a show of blood scares me shitless to be honest].
I believe I can attribute these bouts of sickness to bending down as that appears to be the one thing in common each time I have felt this way and I may be putting pressure on either the tumour or organs around the stomach.



At 5:01 pm , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

have you sought other sources..? like chinese medicine and acupuncture?
and think you need to find a friend that gave get you some marijuana so you can build up your appitite..
will light candles again this week for you...js

At 3:13 am , Blogger Tina said...

so sorry sweetie :( my thoughts are with you. and sorry I have been an absentee blogger. Jackie can attest to that too. I spend more time on facebook if you are on there at all, look me up. However, I will always come back here and check in on ya :)

Take care of yourself.

At 4:50 pm , Blogger old enough to moan said...

Keep them candles glowing Jackie x

Tina, hello and welcome back, I too spend more time on facebook nowadays to stay in contact with daughter who is at University in London and is homesick.


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