Thursday, May 10, 2007

June 27, a day to remember!

I watched the Tony Blair speech live as he announced his intention to resign from office on 27 June 2007. I was non-plussed by his oration. It was as if he was still trying to gain the popular vote by almost admitting, but not quite, that the invasion of Iraq was a mistake, whilst at the same time reiterating that it was not.

‘I have always done what I thought was right’, will always be a poor excuse for going to war on fabricated intelligence and he will leave the bloody aftermath of the initial conflict as his lasting legacy.

Was it too much to ask of him to say that on this occasion he had got it totally wrong and life is no better for any of us without Saddam at such a high price?

Tony Blair himself said that Saddam could remain in power if it be proved that he had no WMD. Well he didn’t, and our Prime Minister now leaves the mess that is Iraq to the US and its coalition of the gullible.

1997 was such a promising year for this country and the Labour Party; Tony Blair appeared to be just the man to take the country forward, unfortunately he had the balls to go to war because he thought he was ‘right’ but he did not possess enough spunk to stand up against the looney in the Oval Office.