Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Chemotherapy #3

A good day once again as I only required one nurse [and I got the best in Rose] who only needed the one needle and one attempt once again so either I am getting better or the nurses of been retrained in how to deal with patients like me and veins like mine.
I told her to put the needle underneath [underside of my arm] as I do not like it on top, to which she giggled and made me blush!

Felt extremely tired yesterday evening after my chemo session and that has continued today so much so that when we went on a family ‘walk’ I was encouraged to use my wheelchair for the return journey, which I did. Not only was it new to me but also to my daughter who pushed me uphill most of the way. Oh, and nearly out of the chair up the road kerb sides!
You do not realise just how bumpy the pavements are until you are in a wheel chair.

Joined the We are Macmillan. Cancer support website



At 5:10 am , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

sorry your feeling 'punk'..hope tomrrow brings better days

At 2:47 pm , Blogger old enough to moan said...

Things have begun to look up again Jackie but with this decease you just never know. Making the best of it when it is good, fingers crossed for the boating trip over the next three to four days.

Thank you for your continued support.


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