Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Anal GP

Just as you turn the corner and you think things are on an even keel and that the pains are partially under control, enough to live by, when you get a phone call from a jumped up GP who believes he knows my pains better than me and obviously does not trust his colleague [my actual doctor] who did a medication review with us less than two weeks ago!

After getting onto me for taking ‘controlled’ drugs in such quantities, as cleared by the MacMillan nurse, the Oncologist Doctor at the hospital and my own GP he wants to cover his own arse and is more interested in the paperwork to say I am taking this medication. Why he hasn’t looked on the files they have on me or phoned the hospital I do not know but he sees it fit to upset me and insist that I supply the information his surgery should have before he prescribes any more medication.

My MacMillan nurse is now onto the surgery and I have said if it happens again I am taking the surgery through a complaints procedure until they get it into their tiny little minds that I need the medication to nullify the pains.

One of his concerns is that I could die in the night if I overdosed, he took a step back when I told him I was going to die anyway with or without the tablets that are there to make my life better, something phone calls like this do not do.



At 1:48 am , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

what an absolute buttroy..
sorry sweety..hope you get this figured out very soon..before you have to beat him to death with a shoe.

At 6:52 pm , Blogger joy said...

I have some deadly shoes you could borrow if it comes to that!


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