Thursday, April 27, 2006

Moans' World

Just for the hell of it I wondered what a film of my life would be rated as:

In the interest of self esteem I must disagree with the BBFC rating and let you know at times I would never allow my children to watch elements of my life.

I have had fun, but would not wish to share too much of those bits with the Blog community, unless it was behind closed doors.

My BBFC rating is:

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It won't be long now

Go, Go, Go: Clarke, Hewitt, Prescott

Going, going, gone: Blair, Blair, Blair?

Monday, April 24, 2006

Speak for yourself

I am relieved the West has failed in its attempts to find Bin Laden, can you imagine the Martyr that would be made of him if we did?

According to the latest audio tape from the man himself I am a target for merely being a civilian in the west.

I am quite happy for him to spout his rhetoric from which ever hole he happens to be hiding in, should he still be alive.

I know that we in the West have not always got it right when it comes to our Foreign Policies and the Press and Blogs pay testament to that and our rights to freedom of speech.

GW Bush, Tony Blair et al, cannot claim to speak for everyone in the West unlike Mr. Laden who appears to want to do just that for the Muslim world. He has failed to stir up the Political hatred in our country that would see West versus East [I resist Christian v Islam because the World is about much more than Religion, thankfully].

He may be right with some of his views and beliefs: we have those in this country that form extreme groups from both ends of the spectrum, whom are entitled to their opinions, but when those opinions turn to violence then as far as I am concerned they lose their argument.

It is easy to bully if you are big or manipulative enough to do so but bullies do not make friends they just create them for their own selfish means.

NHS - Operate with care

The NHS should not be left to the government of the day to tinker and experiment with: and am I right in thinking that the financial problems have been added to in the miscalculation of wages in the ‘change’ agenda put forward by the Labour government?

Given the obvious problems that still exist within the NHS, surely it is would be better for all concerned, employees, patients and government if the NHS was treated outside the political arena and was looked at by cross-party delegates as to the best way forward. This would include full consultation with the employees and Trade Unions.

BBC extract ‘The health secretary will tell the health workers: "The NHS is facing a year of great challenge. It is a pivotal year. What the prime minister described as a crunch time’

This may also be a pivotal year for the Labour party and if the NHS is plunged into crisis then this may be one pill we all find too hard to swallow.