Monday, April 24, 2006

NHS - Operate with care

The NHS should not be left to the government of the day to tinker and experiment with: and am I right in thinking that the financial problems have been added to in the miscalculation of wages in the ‘change’ agenda put forward by the Labour government?

Given the obvious problems that still exist within the NHS, surely it is would be better for all concerned, employees, patients and government if the NHS was treated outside the political arena and was looked at by cross-party delegates as to the best way forward. This would include full consultation with the employees and Trade Unions.

BBC extract ‘The health secretary will tell the health workers: "The NHS is facing a year of great challenge. It is a pivotal year. What the prime minister described as a crunch time’

This may also be a pivotal year for the Labour party and if the NHS is plunged into crisis then this may be one pill we all find too hard to swallow.


At 4:49 am , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

nothing..and i mean nothing could be worse than having george bush and his 'bidness partners' as his adminstration...they have f***** us up royally....


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