Sunday, April 02, 2006

Foreign Policy = War = Terrorism

Well I never! Would you believe it? Our foreign policy in Iraq has been linked to the terrorist attack that took place in London in July 2005.

Observer - Official: Iraq war led to July bombings

Excuse me for being dumb but do we really have to have an inquiry to determine that?

This Government and the neo-conservatives in the US have failed to see past there own pig-headed self centred ambitions and aspirations to realise the full impact of their actions. The war on Iraq was inevitably going to give the hotheads and fanatics an excuse to take reprisals, especially on any weak and vulnerable spot.

I am not saying that the war justifies killing commuters in the Capital city or elsewhere, two wrongs don’t make a right as the saying goes, but if we had not been willing to fall in-line with the US administration we would not be having these conversations now.

Ok, the disaffected youth, fanatics, idiots or whatever you wish to call them would probably found another reason or cause to carry out their atrocious acts but they may not have ‘shit’ on their own doorsteps if we had not done so on someone else’s first.


At 3:39 am , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

they havent been able to pin anything on bush since he was in diapers...he is a slippery weasel..who will probably get the world into a total war, with nukes everywhere..and he will be cracking jokes about how he fell off his bike again..asshole...
dear goddess, give me strength


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