Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Jesus Christ!
The peoples of this World really are mad. It comes to something when someone is faced with the Death Penalty just for converting from one Religion to another. It’s a good job Muhammad Ali [boxer] and Cat Stevens [singer/songwriter], whom I both admired for the entertainment they gave me in my youth, did not face the same fate.

I think I will become a Christian; shit no, a Muslim; no wait, a Mormon; nope, hold on, I have changed my mind again…

Hey, I live my life without having to thank God for it, in sickness and in health, and I consider myself pretty merciful and of relatively good morals and values when compared to any religion, therefore I will continue with the one I already have: Oh, I don’t have one – shoot me down for being without belief. If anything paying homage to the Sun, Moon, Wind, Rain etc makes so much more sense since these are the things we cannot live without; and One will not strike me down or call for my head if I prefer one over the other , would I make a good Pagan?

I am pretty ignorant when it comes to the World's Religions but even I know this cannot be right -

Afghanistan says court to decide fate of convert - link


At 4:52 am , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

should check out my post about it and other nefarious shit deals going down...bush and his crew.....makes me scream and cuss at the tv...and increase my blood pressure pills..

At 3:36 am , Blogger Normy said...

MAN! That third paragraph is exactly how I feel. Right on the nail! I feel like I come closer to being a Pagan than anything else, because hell like you said, we truly can't live without that sun and the stuff that caused this planet to be what it is in the first place. Wow. Seriously, that moves me! It's just so TO THE POINT. I've lived my life so far just trying to be a good person and help out my fellow people, and it seems to have worked out pretty well so far. I think I do a helluva lot more for my fellow man than some uptight Christians that I know. I don't just drive on by if I see someone with car trouble or a flat, and if someone drops something or falls down I help them out. It's common sense! I don't expect anything in return and don't live with the premonition of an afterlife for my do-goodery. Bah. Well I'll step offa the soap box... kudos for that post, I'm going to bookmark it or write it down or something if it's ok with you. I need to have a former friend of mine read it too.


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