Friday, March 03, 2006

Time to reflect

I read an article the other day in a daily newspaper whereby a Father was mourning the loss of his soldier son in Iraq and asking the British government to ‘bring our boys’ back home.

I wager that the Father of the young soldier may have had misgivings about his son going to war but he probably would not have shown his dissent so fervently for fear of showing a lack of support for his Son and the Regiment.

In the UK we had enough people against the Invasion of Iraq to justify a little more serious thought being given to such a big decision. Instead we just blindly followed G.W.Bush and his Hawks headlong into a meaningless war. [meaningless if you take Oil out of the equation].

Unfortunately it is too late for both the Father and his Son in this instance; but I wonder how many more would now join a March in demonstration of our ongoing presence in Iraq; probably many.

My thoughts are with those that have lost someone in the war in Iraq and to those who may yet lose a loved one.

What sort of beast have we let out of the pen and is it too late to shut the door now that it has bolted?
Bush's Pandora's boxGuardian newsblog


At 12:29 am , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

great post and thanks for the tip on article...i wake up every morning and check the news in hopes that it was all a bad dream and bush isn't president and there is no war....nope...still my waking nightmare...fuckity fuck fuck fuck

At 7:46 pm , Blogger David Charles Flynn said...


Would the world be in quite the shape it is now if Kirk Douglas and Richard Harris hadn't destroyed Hitler's A-Bomb research in Norway and der Fuhreur's squadron's of flying saucer's reverse engineered from the UFO crash in Poland in '37 hadn't nuked us all into a homogenous leather-wearing race of supermen?

Answers please...


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