Thursday, March 09, 2006

God; it's funny

So, I am apparently not the only one to have lost faith in Mr. Blair, and if I am capable of thinking twice about voting for a Party that insists on keeping him as leader then God alone knows what God has install for him.

Terry Jones is a Python worth listening to, unlike another snake that Mr. Blair will be all too familiar with, Biblical or Bush. His funny insight into how someone can take ‘The Lords’ name in vain can be read at
the Guardian Comment - God: I've lost faith in Blair’

Just as in
The Life Of Brian’ there is a funny side to all facets of life including religion.

I can recall may years ago being asked by my Father to pretend for the day that we were raised in the Catholic faith. It was my Uncles’ funeral and my fathers elder sister was down from the north to attend. She was a staunch, devout Catholic who was obviously held in great awe by the rest of the family. Try as I might I could not bring myself to act out the part, unfortunately I was seated in church next to my Aunties Chauffer; I had no idea when to stand, to kneel, to sit, to bless myself and I knew I would fool no one, so I did not even try. My two elder brothers had no more idea than I did, but it was extremely entertaining to watch them try. Have you ever watched someone mouth the words to an unfamiliar Song? Imagine that in church, Hilarious.

I have linked to
Muhammad and Me because it is funny, not because it holds any religious overtones for me. I believe it to be a cleverly devised dig at all religions and how we are all just people underneath. If I am wrong so be it; I have taken from it what I wanted, a laugh at no one else’s expense.

I guess there is a funny side to Politics, but I just aint getting it at the moment.


At 12:42 am , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

i love muhammad and makes me laugh...
even after i was baptized a catholic when i was 14(many many many years ago) i could never remember when to kneel, curtsy, bow or what ever...if i forgot to kneel when everyone else did, i always acted like i was in deep im a pagan and dont have to remember anything but to be nice to my fellow man...until he pisses me off that is...and the pythons can do NO wrong...

At 6:51 pm , Blogger David Charles Flynn said...

If I'm ever forced to remember how to make the sign of the crucifix I just think "Spectacles, testicles, wallet, watch"

Never fails...


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