Saturday, March 04, 2006

Judge for Yourself

So the ‘Not In My Name’ slogan, adopted by those of who never wanted a War on Iraq in the belief that not all of the diplomatic avenues had been exhausted, has finally been given a Name:-

In an interview with the UK’s best ever Chat Show host, Michael Parkinson, Mr. Blair apparently divulges that
History and God will Judge him on his decision to go to war in Iraq. Well, I have news for you Tony; if you don’t bow out as leader of the Labour Party soon you will be judged by neither; it will be the electorate that will judge you and it will show in the next General Election.
Leave Iraq and leave the Labour party sooner rather than later before it is too late for either.

‘Gods name’ in the wrong hands is a very dangerous thing, especially in the hands of the Fanatic.

‘In the name of whom ever’ -
Stop the War


At 7:06 am , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

the minute i heard bush say that god was talking to him and telling him what to do...i knew we were fucked..and fucked royally...i think bush must have pictures of blair with an underaged boy having sex to get him to go along with this shit and for so long...and if he doesnt quit telling people he is from texas i will kick his hat...all cattle..

At 9:24 pm , Blogger Normy said...

The longer this goes on the more bizarre and twisted it gets... I still can't believe Bush got elected again, AND we have to endure two more years of this shit.


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