Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A trusting face

Once in a while I thought I should lighten things up a little with a tale about how we all get things wrong from time to time.

A number of years ago, in my late teens I was asked to play in a Football match [That’s Soccer] for the department I was in at work: It was in a knock out competition against other departments from work..

I said I would love to play but needed a lift home afterwards as I did not have my own car in those days. The team captain said he would arrange a lift for me if I turned up the next day after work with my boots.

That evening as we went onto the pitch I asked the Captain who my lift was going to be. He pointed to one of the opposition and said he lived in the same town as me and he was OK to give me a lift.

We played the match and won. After showering and changing I followed my lift out of the clubhouse and walked to his car. He lifted the boot [Trunk] and threw his sports bag into it; I did like wise and then got into the passenger seat. He drove us to the local pub where it was customary to meet after a match. I asked what he was drinking and bought us both a pint of beer. After a while we got to talking about the match and I asked him what part of town he was from. He confessed he was not from my town at all. I realised at that point that I had got the wrong guy as my real lift entered the pub.

Needless to say it cost me another visit to the bar.

The moral of this story is: never allow strangers, no matter how friendly, into your car, they may not be from your side of town.


At 4:36 am , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

hoooooboy....he could have been pissed from losing and drove you to the country and dropped you off...ha..that's funny...glad it turned out well..


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