Saturday, March 25, 2006

More money for NHS please

The National Health Service is, I should imagine, the envy of the world, even with all its apparent problems. The latest round of bad publicity surrounding the NHS stems from Chancellor Browns Budget of last week which made no reference to the Service at all.

Provisions for our much needed Health service had been provided for in a previous Budget review, allegedly. Therefore I can only conclude from its failure to get a mention this time around means all is well within the NHS and is obviously in a perfect state of health.

But alas no, Hospital Trusts are still laying-off employees in order to balance the books and meet the financial targets imposed upon them. If this is the case then we must provide more money to maintain and improve on what I regard as a first rate service. Sure there might be issues with outdated facilities and some forms of wastage but each time the service takes another kicking it is not the buildings that feel it, it is the staff. Without the dedication the NHS employees give to the service I doubt we would still have a NHS to talk about.


Isn’t it ironic that Hospitals, Schools and the likes are given budgets and guidelines to meet yet the Government themselves when struggling for money for General Election Campaigns can exceed spending limits: dodge declaring money borrowed not only to us the electorate but to its own financial bodies: and then call for talks and enquiries to look into State Funding. [but not for all Political Parties because the major parties would not want us financing the BNP or any other party that is not ‘main’ stream] How long before Political Parties start looking at the National Lottery money for financial support?

The old system of donations to Political Parties worked fine, the matter of Loans would’ve to had they been transparent.

As for the Lottery?, finance the NHS from the Lottery as was first muted before it was launched. I seem to recall some MPs being horror-struck at the thought of funding the NHS from the Lottery purse.: It’s a Manifesto winner for me if any Party is reading this drivel.


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