Friday, May 12, 2006


Recently, when purchasing a £1 badge for Cancer Research, I had the choice of one depicting Bobby Moore [my football hero] holding the Jules Rimet trophy aloft, or a circular pin-badge with the cross of St. George. I chose the former, primarily because of the ‘Moore’ factor, but also because of what the flag of St. George has come to represent.

Again as it nears the Football World Cup more and more houses and cars begin to adopt the English flag. I too would do wish the same if it were not for the feeling of shame I have for what it has come to represent.

What is it about our national flag that makes me feel so ashamed?

St. George may not have gone into battle in reality with a Dragon, and despite its religious connections, his image is one that generates a sense of pride and belief in our country and the flag.

For me it would be nice if ordinary descent folk could wear the flag without fear of finding themselves associated with the football hooligan and far right fanatics who bring shame upon our country and themselves.

It is time we claimed the flag back from the Far Right and the idiots who will run amok the night we get kicked out of the competition [lets hope we win] – tomorrow I will go into the cancer research shop and buy the round pin badge.

Mindless idiot, radical from either end of the political spectrum, you should all go into your local Cancer Research shop and buy a pin-badge – Cancer does not discriminate and long after the World Cup is over many of you will unknowingly be walking around having developed the illness.