Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Results of the biopsy, inconclusive.

We went to the Hospital today expecting to get the definitive results from last Wednesday's CT biopsy. Unfortunately the biopsy, like the one previous, has proved to be inconclusive.

The final outcome will remain the same, the tumour is inoperable and I will continue to receive palliative care, however they still do not know what type of cancer it is and the fact that it still may be related to the previous two outbreaks has not been ruled out.
It is looking more likely that it is indeed related to the rare cancer [Malignant fibrous histiocytoma] I had back in 1992 than it is pancreatic cancer.

The Oncology department cannot administer or recommend Chemotherapy until they know what type of Cancer I have.

As a result of these latest findings the University Hospital are forwarding all their results from biopsies and scans to the ROH in Birmingham [UK] for further review.

In the meantime my painkillers have once again been increased and hopefully will be reviewed again by a Macmillan Doctor sometime next week.

I have also been given some drinks to build me up so I can cope with Chemotherapy should it become necessary. Unfortunately none of the drinks are stout flavoured!

We are off to Cadbury's world today all being well. I know that Disney is a favourite for people who are terminally ill, but hey, I like chocolate.

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