Friday, January 28, 2005

The colour of my skin

Racism: now there's a controversial topic! Simply put: If you want to retain your own cultural and ethnic roots then expect some form of Racism - that's not condoning racism it is just my way of saying it will never go awI, like so many others come from an ethnic background, Irish - remember us? We were the ones that built the roads and kept many British comedians in a job, especially during the 1970s, what a wonderful decade that was.My skin colour may not be green, which undoubtedly makes it easier to fit in, and there is the fundamental problem - keep your ties to your roots but do try to fit in instead of trying to change the environment with which you find yourself, either by accident or birth. If anything people from minority ethnic backgrounds should learn from the mistakes that the British (And the vast majority of us in this fair land, regardless of skin colour or religion are British) made many moons ago when 'we' had an Empire (talking of empires, or rather the makings of one - those Americans should also take heed, get to big and you will implode, just like the colony of Ants). Did our Ancestors try to fit in? Did they respect the land they found themselves in whilst retaining their identity? Did they buggery!, They tried their dutiful best to change others into behaving and thinking just as they did; and we are not alone, just ask a Native American or an Aborigine.

starting point...

...talking of starting points; I have been, and am currently still awaiting, the loft extension due in Oct/Nov 2004 to begin.
Ahh, the Great British Builders Guild - Motto:
"I've got your deposit, your plans and therefore your balls, so pull out if you dare matey!"
more of that in a while....