Sunday, August 03, 2008

Who's bag?

With my partner and youngest daughter away camping for the weekend I was rather pleased to have spent a good two hours on the allotment weeding between the rows of produce as well as picking those that were ready for harvest, such as potatoes, runner-beans and broad beans.

After making dinner for myself and my step-daughter I sat down to catch-up with internet and email reading when I came across this interesting article on 31 days without plastic. ‘Not My Bag’.

I was intrigued to read about this one woman mission because part of my chores for the day involved putting out the items of plastic we have for recycling and although we rarely use supermarket carrier bags anymore I was astonished to realise just how much plastic we do use.

We are such a wasteful nation and I think it about time Government and Companies did more to reduce our dependency upon plastics. I will be following the plastic free quest with interest over the next month.

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At 8:09 pm , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

i am stunned at all the garbage i have's me and a cat...and i have tons of going to start recycling the paper...i did it for the longest time and then i got out of the habit..i recycle my plastic bags(i use my tote bag as much as possible) as garbage bags...and at least get 2 uses out of them.we don't have recycleing her in west, and wish we did..good for you...

At 9:47 am , Blogger old enough to moan said...

Most districts in the UK, if not all, now have recycling facilities, picking up from the doorstep. We can recycle most things from plastic, paper, cardboard and bottles. Our rubbish bin is half as full as it used to be. We even compost cuttings from vegetables, flowers etc for our garden, but still we are not as 'Green' as we could be.


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