Friday, July 18, 2008

He took the chance and paid the price

For once the edict ‘cheats never prosper’ appears to have some truth now that Dwain Chambers, the fastest sprinter in the UK this year, has failed in his bid to have his Olympic ban over turned, and rightly so.
With so many cheats in our country, from those who take from others to those who claim illegally from and live on the state it is good to know that common sense has prevailed in this case.
As a law abiding, tax paying citizen you do get a bit peed off with others forever taking advantage of the political correctness and liberalist views this country holds.
No matter what political views you hold it should never allow cheats to benefit from their ill-gotten gains.
Sorry Dwain this is one race you were never going to win with the majority of the general public.

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At 10:35 pm , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

it's for the olympics for F*&^F$ can they cheat and then lie about it for the olympics?....I didn't feel the least bit sorry for the female runner who had to do jail time for lying about doing fucking hoo..


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