Saturday, May 17, 2008

Be back soon

Unfortunately I have been unable to get online due to sharing a power cable between two laptops and not being on top form with health at the moment [both temporary setbacks], however when you compare those problems with those suffered by those in China and Burma [The World should do more to condemn the inactiveness of the Burmese Junta] I do not really have a lot to complain about right now.

I will be back online again soon and hope to catch-up on moan therapy then.

But whilst I am online I can afford a little moan on minor league Royals, Princess Anne's son Peter Phillips who today married management consultant Autumn Kelly at Windsor Castle, selling their story to Hello! Magazine. I have never purchase the magazine and this is just another example of why, because who really gives a shite?

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At 2:36 am , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

I hope you will be better soon and back on line ...i miss ya...
oh the royals..they're such a caution...(southern expression for they get into a lot of shit all the time)


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