Tuesday, May 27, 2008

If only rain was all we had to worry about...

Not being able to get online for so long must be one of my biggest bugbear at the moment, although if I tried I am sure I would find a lot more to have a go at, such as the Great British Bank Holiday weather, rain, rain and yet more rain. I can say though that it is good for the garden, or more importantly my allotment plot, which should by now be sprouting in every direction, mainly upwards I hope. Taking of sprouts, I have some of those to plant out this week too, should it stop raining.

I guess with what is happening in China at the moment and the ongoing risk of floods from rainfall and bursting damns following the earthquake then I do not have too much to moan about, at least they have opened up their doors a little unlike the humanitarian crisis that is being exasperated by the Burmese military junta who continue to mess with the lives of their own people.

The UK have lost yet another soldier in Afghanistan and the Americans, on their remembrance day of yesterday, have some 4,000+ more to mourn since the war in Iraq.

And to any
‘peace keeper’ employed throughout the world and abusing children in their care right now – may your knob burn like fire before weeping with gangrene and dropping off in your hand when you next go to the toilet.

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At 7:53 pm , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

hey, glad your back..i was missing ya...we are hoping for some rain here..we had some about 3 weeks ago and we need it bad..it's been 91-97 every day since..and the humidy is 89%...muggy and hot..and this is our spring..may?....can't imagine what it will be like in august...which is our hottest month...ugghghghgh

At 11:49 am , Blogger old enough to moan said...

We are having a 'typical' summer, rain and more rain - good for the produce in the garden though. Hoping to plant more greens out today, if it stays dry.
I guess you missed all the cyclones we keep hearing about on the news over here then?
I missed being on here, thanks.


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