Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A wee shade of pee

I have discovered the reason why I moan so much and get irritable with people, situations, circumstance, politics etc.

It has less to do with my age or the hot weather we have been having of late and more to do with water, or the lack of it.

Not the bans from watering your garden or washing your car shortage but the actual bodily intake of water.

I drink, especially when doing the odd job around the house, copious amounts of tea and coffee, both without milk, so I am basically drinking coloured water most of the time.

I now discover, through the peeometer, that it is not enough and by checking the chart I need more fluids, the clearer the better.

It is probably not recommended to use the peeometer as a colour chart for the living room walls.

I only hope no one releases the poo-ometer!


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