Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Power Mad

Tony Blair seems to be going it alone again making irreversible decisions that will have repercussions for generations to come without consulting the electorate who put him there or awaiting the outcome of his governmental energy review.

I find it hard to believe that Nuclear Power is a realistic option especially when nothing seems to be done to reduce power usage by targeting waste.

How many of us can hold our hands up and say we are doing our utmost to reduce costs and waste? I try, but I know as a family we could do better.

The lady folk in my household take baths instead of showers = waste: our council does not recycle plastic = waste: we leave televisions on even when not watching it = waste: not all our light bulbs are energy efficient = waste: the list is endless.

I say no to Nuclear Energy and suggest a concerted programme of education for all, with penalties to households, councils and businesses for not complying. Does this sound too drastic? Then just think of the biggest waste of all that we still have no use or proper disposal of = NUCLEAR WASTE.

Increasing energy supplies will not encourage the public or business to address the issue of power efficiency or waste, by supplying more energy we are encouraging more usage = waste.

Should such a long term issue be taken by one Party who may not be in power themselves in a few years time? Surely something as big as this should be taken across party politic boundaries?


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