Saturday, May 06, 2006

Time for Change

Tony Blair has long sought a legacy to leave behind once his term in office is over.
But for many the only legacy he is leaving behind is one of increased extremism

He has destroyed our standing within the international community: we are seen as fair game by all manner of foreign nationals who attempt to promote their ‘cause’ through violence and threats against British interests and people, or by those seeking asylum and therefore permanent access to this country.

I know you cannot lay blame for all terrorist activity at the door of Mr. Blair, but it was he who promised us a safer country prior to the attacks on London in July 2005. He was also in office during the recent debacle over the asylum seekers that seek refuge, commit an offence, are released and then commit again.

It is these overbearing things that people remember and in extreme cases turn to the other extremes such as the BNP when seeking an alternative answer within politics.

He had a chance to lead Europe but chose to jump into bed with Bush.

Tony you messed it up when you could have been great you have become less than mediocre. And I for one will not be thanking you for your leadership of the Labour party.

The one position of office you overlooked during your scrambled reshuffle to cover the bad results in the local elections was your own as PM.


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