Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I have been against the war in Iraq from day one. I am fundamentally against the use of war for any reason other than self-defence.
It now transpires that
US forces have murdered civilians and then gone on to cover-up these heinous acts. There really is no justification for killing innocent men, women and children.
We in the West made a grave mistake going into Iraq on false premises; we have done ourselves no favours since then either.

I hope the allegations are untrue, but somehow I think there will be inevitably more allegations to come – we are such a poor custodian of our planet and yet again War has bought out the worst in human nature.

We should not be too quick to tar all those in the Armed Forces with the same brush, just as we should not be willing to see all those in the Middle East as an enemy of the West.


At 5:46 pm , Blogger Normy said...

I hope the allegations are false too... but they probably aren't. Makes me ashamed to be an American, especially since this a war we shouldn't be having... then all the barbaric things that come with having a war wouldn't be happening.

At 11:35 am , Blogger old enough to moan said...

War brings out the worst in human nature, whether you are American, Britsh, Arabic or otherwise...


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