Saturday, December 30, 2006

What was the point?

So, they have executed Saddam Hussein, which came all of a sudden in the end. But what has this latest fiasco in Iraqi served the Iraqi people, The Middle East and the rest of the World?
Not a lot in the scheme of things.
If this is democracy then it doesn’t pass as anything I recognise.

The invasion never discovered any WMD, it did however achieve their desired aim of regime change. Why didn’t they just use one bullet in the first place and assassinate him if that’s what they wanted, it would’ve been much cheaper financially and, more importantly, cost less loss of life and instability in the region.

How many people will be horrified by the thought of assassinating a despot leader?

Not as many as have been appalled by the current state of affairs.

Your legacy Messer’s Bush and Blair?

– A dead man and a shite load of Arab and Islamic mistrust and hate for those of us in the West.

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