Tuesday, September 19, 2006

..I am still here, but where am I?

I found myself asking the question above on two fronts today when, for the first time, I got lost on my way to hospital having taken a diverted route due to road works.

Not only was I in an unfamiliar district of the City I was also amazed by the diversity of the people within it. Believe it or not I felt like a foreigner in my own country!

At the risk of sounding Politically incorrect I did not feel at all comfortable with my surroundings and was pleased when, using the hands free set on my mobile, my partner was able to guide me back on route using the home PC.

I guess one reason for my apparent unease could be the current international unrest and constant media attention with regards to the terrorist threat.

Another reason could’ve been the atrocious driving of other car users in the area, which included driving through red traffic lights towards oncoming traffic; pedestrians daring you to run them over as the dawdled across the road whilst staring you out; cars/vans/lorries parked illegally on the highway whilst unloading causing tailbacks.

I survived the journey to and from the hospital and have been given a clean bill of health for another three months… so more moaning to follow no doubt.


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