Sunday, January 07, 2007

Swinging voters

I find the political fall out and position jostling on the whole Saddam execution affair almost as despicable as the hanging itself.
Gordon Brown [Chancellor] has apparently told the BBC the manner of the former Iraqi leader's hanging was "completely unacceptable".
Is it just the manner he objects to or the act of hanging itself?
It was my belief that the Labour Party was always against the use of Capital punishment if so, it is strange how very little has been said before or after the hanging by the leaders of this government.
Even now Tony Blair appears to be avoiding making any formal statement on the subject, could it be that he is waiting to see which way opinion swings? [No pun intended].
I don’t think anyone was surprised that the hanging was not filmed, in fact I told my partner it would only be a matter of days before such images were released. In this day and age who cannot resist turning on their camera phone and taking such images of such Historical importance? Can you imagine images of Hitler’s last few hours being made available?

How long will it take the Political Parties to wake up to the power of Internet sites such as YouTube?


At 3:41 pm , Blogger Normy said...

I don't know... I still think it is bizarre that they let that happen. It looks like that even though it happened over there, there still would have been lots of military forces around for security. Even inside the building. I'm still very suprised that they didn't just leave him in a federal prison until he died.

At 10:23 pm , Blogger old enough to moan said...

I find the whole sordid affair pretty bizarre - this will be yet another lasting legacy to the West.


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