Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The weighting game

Since giving up cigar smoking after a recent illness last year I am horrified to say that I have put 2 ½ stones on in weight [For those of you who deal in lbs or kilograms – work it out for yourself, it’s a lot!]

I do not appear to be able to stop eating. I guess it is a comfort thing, something to do with not having the support of the smoke and the crutch in the hand, or maybe even something to do with OCD? [Another story, a long time ago – beat you, you bastard].

I am the first to know when I am overweight as my trousers and shirts no longer begin to fit, and then I have to buy bigger, and then bigger clothes. You can probably surmise that I have gained weight before; I have also been able to lose it pretty quickly again too.
Now, what is a bloke, in middle age, harping on about his weight for you may well ask? Or you may not even care; however, I have lost count of the number of people who have mentioned my weight gain this very day!

I have decided to go public, or bloglic, with this as I am determined to lose weight for both myself and my family. I need to be able to run around the park with our little one soon, and having lost a part of the right lung it is hard enough getting air in without contending with all this extra flubber.

I will not be making a big thing about this but each Monday evening I will post my weight on the site, so I will hopefully no longer be such a sight!
Hopefully this will prove less expensive than joining a Gym.

Monday 8 January – 15 st 4lbs

Monday 1 January – 15 st


At 7:14 pm , Blogger thephoenixnyc said...

I leanred long ago that we all have a hole in out middle, physically and spiritually. We all have to choose what to fill it with.

Smokes, booze, sex, food, words, thoughts.

Maybe you can keep up the amount of food you are eating but just eat different foods, perhaps some excercise?

At 7:26 pm , Blogger old enough to moan said...

Cheers phoenix, too much food and not enough exercise is true, but that is changing, as of yesterday.
I am choosing to fill my hole with life and living it without too much of myself, if you get my meaning.
Otherwise I am OK - keep blogging

At 10:15 am , Blogger skyblue1987 said...

good luck with your weight loss. I was in the same position this time last year. I looked at photographs of me taken at Christmas and that swayed it for me.

What helped me was to bring the whole thing down to maths and stats (it's the way my mind works). I found a programme on the web that required me to input all my food intake and my activities. It was very rewarding to see the downward trend on my weight graph.

I ended up losing 38lbs over 6 months or so. The only problem was having to constantly buy new clothes !

At 8:41 pm , Blogger old enough to moan said...

I would be interested to know what program you found on the internet SkyBlue1987.


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