Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Double, double, toil and trouble

The current financial crisis continues to dominate the news with the top four stories on the internet news site I regularly read predicting the recession will last more than a year. As we are just beginning to feel the effects of the crisis ourselves the dreaded Christmas word rears its head as the shops begin to fill with Christmas wares. We are of a mind to get back to basics when it comes to the festive season and cut right back on presents and make more of the occasion through food with friends and family.
My mother always ensures we have meat on the table at Christmas as she pays weekly into an account with the local butcher for her four children so they have more than enough to eat over and beyond the festive season.
We noticed today whilst out perusing a local butchers that along side the best cuts of meat were also some more of the old traditional off-cuts that have not been in favour for a number of years. The thought of making my own Ox tail soup is mouth watering! Any recipes?

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At 7:45 pm , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

go to
and type in ox tail soup under search..they had a ton of with barley too.
could make oso buco with ox tail too...
we usually have turkey and ham and turkey is ususally about .69cents a lb. and ham is more may just have turkey and turkey this year.


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