Friday, January 19, 2007

Questionably the best questions ever?

Yesterday I drove my eldest daughter to an interview appointment at a large engineering company in the neighbouring city. She appeared to be significantly less nervous than I had been earlier in the week for my own interview. She had gone well prepared, apart from not having any questions prepared for the end of the interview. Blowing caution to the wind I gave her one of the questions I had used at my interview.
I watched as she walked off at the allotted time and waited, wishing I had strode off as confidently as she had.

Upon her return I enquired as to how the interview had progressed. It had been quite an informal affair she told me and, if she was successful, they would be calling her back next week for another interview in a more formal basis. They were however more than impressed with her parting question and had not had such an original question posed by an interviewee until today.

This morning she received a telephone call requesting her attendance at the second round of interviews!

The very same question posed at my interview never did meet with a positive response, even though it was a question I would dearly love to have had the answer to.

The question in question? I will save that for the next time I apply for another position, because I have got a feeling I may have too.


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