Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another extremely rough night

Another one of those infuriating nights where I thought it would never come to an end and with each time I had to get out of bed to use the toilet I became gradually weaker to the point where I was almost too tired to even bother.
I knew I was going to suffer this morning and I have from being so lethargic and extremely tired, even getting items of clothing out of the cupboards was too large a task.

To top it all Jade Goody, the ‘star’ of reality TV has lost her well documented fight against Cancer. I only hope her family are left to grieve in peace and that they themselves treat the situation with dignity.
She thankfully, according to the reports, died peacefully in her sleep and to be honest it is one of the things I hope can be said about me.

On a happier note we are due to go away for a short mid-week break with our four daughters in a lodge in the forest and we are hoping to recharge our batteries before I inevitably start Chemotherapy again.
Is it inevitable? Well it is if the consultant has been honest with us as I am due to re-start if the pains return and it is only now, after almost four weeks without chemo, that I am beginning to feel a little of the old pains once again.



At 7:20 pm , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

I'm so sorry my friend..wish there was more that i could do beside light candles and pray...i've been up to my ass in aligators beloved cat is in the vets with liver failure and my thoughts have been on her and have been burning candles night and day for her..hope you enjoy your time with your family and build up some strength for the chemo..much love.jac

At 4:33 pm , Blogger old enough to moan said...

Up to your ass in aligators is bad enough, more of that please, I will drop in on your blog, sorry not been there for a while.
Also, sorry to hear about the cat and hope they can do something worthwhile for the little mite.
Thank you for your wishes, they are most welcome and appreciated by me and my family. Keep smiling Jackie despite lifes downs and aligators sharp teeth!


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