Sunday, March 29, 2009

A pattern I hope that is not being set!

Just as I was last week whilst on holiday I was violently sick again in the early hours of the morning and I could feel it coming on from late afternoon. I tried having a bath to alleviate the pains in my back, which were not helping at all, and then went to bed early despite us having friends around following our daughter’s fourth birthday party.

I was again frightened to be sick in case it contained blood and I hate the feeling of being sick as most people do but more so since having chemotherapy.
Once again once I had vomited it did clear the nausea, naturally, as well as some of the pressure on my stomach that was increasing the pains in the back.

I am due routine blood tests tomorrow with a view to starting chemotherapy within the next week or two. I also have an appointment with my Oncology Doctor on Thursday and I will ask if this is a pattern of events that goes with Pancreatic Cancer and if it is one I can now expect. If so then I will just have to get used to being continually sick once again.



At 9:41 pm , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

i can't believe with all the strides they have made in cancer treatments that you are still in so much pain and are so sick..hope you get good results monday..jac


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