Friday, January 19, 2007

Welcome to the House of fun?

I have not seen much of Celebrity Big Brother 2007, but the little I have seen has led me to believe that Jade Goody’s only real crime was to have gone into the BB House for a second time.

Is she racist? I do not believe she is, she is definitely naive and she speaks her mind, most of the time without to much thought to what she is saying, or is it that she just has trouble expressing herself in an acceptable manner?

The losers in all this should be the rival TV channels that have fallen over themselves to make more of the situation for their own gain than was necessary; the Politicians who stupidly got themselves involved in this for the sake of a sound bite and Endemol, the makers of BB. Time will tell if they shot themselves in the foot over this one but the introduction of the ‘Goody’ family had the desired effect, I like so many watched the eviction, and like Jade Goody I too, for a while at least, did not like who I had become – a victim of the hype.

My prediction is: Watch out for Big Brother India coming to your screens soon; and don’t be surprised if Jade is one of the first through the BB India door.
[Unless the British Press has crucified her before then]


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