Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Political soundness of mind

I could not let it wait too long before thanking Gordon Brown for renewing my faith in good old fashioned Socialist values and the role he has played in leading not on the UK but also Europe and the US on a trip to recovery. The recession still has a way to travel but at least the melt down has been arrested a little.
I always believed many years ago that G. Brown would come out of the shadows of the former Labour Party Leader John Smith [1938-1994] having spent many years learning from the great man, whose life was unfortunately cut short.
Now that he has stepped out of the darker recesses of the shadows left by Blair G. Brown has been able to show the depth of his political prowess without breaking into a sweat or, as Blair would’ve done, a song and dance about it.
It is now time to put an end to the Greedy and self motivated rule of law in both Governments and Banking systems alike and a final nail or knife in the back to the legacy left by Thatcherism, New Labour [Blair] and the Zionist that is GW Bush.

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At 11:35 pm , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

can he come over here and give lessons?


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