Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chemotherapy day today #1

It is Chemotherapy day today and I have been feeling worse than ever over the last day or two. I am hoping that the treatment is nothing like that I had in 1992 and that it goes someway to improving my condition as opposed to killing me.

When I have managed to sleep through the night I have awoke in the morning in so much pain that I have come very close, on two occasions, to calling for an ambulance. I am also experiencing a degree of pain not known until now that affects both my back and stomach. Added to this is my continued weight loss, I am now down to under 10 st 4lbs [144lbs] which makes me lethargic and full of aches in every joint in my body.

I am having trouble eating any amount of food and it causing my hiatus hernia to give me some grief.

We are all hoping that the Chemo works but my partner is taking no chances and has bought a new bucket for the journey home in the car just in case I am sick! Now there’s confidence for you.

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At 2:18 am , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

I can't even imagine what you and your partner are going thru..I'd give anything to be able to help...since I can't I'll have to settle for praying and lighting candles for you..


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