Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Chemotherapy #5 [5/7] – What a difference

I felt so much more relaxed going into hospital today as I have been feeling better than I had in months. I was less tired and relatively pain free and quite a number of the nurses commented on how well I was looking.
What was even better was the treatment itself which went without a hitch and the nurse, Donna, was almost as pleased and relieved as I was that it did. I left hospital with a spring in my step.
I am now hoping that with a reduced dosage, as recommended by the Doctor on Friday, will not bring on too much nausea or drowsiness.

This Country is hopeless when it comes to dealing with an overnight downfall of snow. Thousands of schools have been closed today as the town bore witness to gangs of kids hanging around the shopping centre with nothing else to do. I remember as a lad walking to school in a foot or more of snow with no question of the school closing. Whatever happened to that fighting spirit we were so renowned for around the World?]

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At 3:44 am , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

who says lighting candles and saying prayers doesn't work?..so glad your doing better..
i saw where you got all the snow and the buses wouldnt run..i cracked up..but if you dont have any snow plows..your pretty much screwed...

At 9:11 am , Blogger old enough to moan said...

It is that thin on the ground we only need brushes and a bucket, lol

Keep the wax melting for me, it could be working... x


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