Monday, January 19, 2009

Blood test – pre chemo

I cannot begin to tell you how relieved I was not to have to wait in the queue with everyone else to have my blood taken today. I was informed last week that as a chemotherapy patient I did not have to take a ticket and wait. I put it to the test in a full waiting room as I just stood waiting for an available pathology nurse. The looks I got when I went straight in were to die for! [Excuse the pun].
The staff are so sympathetic towards me when they go to take blood, my arms are as thin as they possibly could be and are full of holes and marks left by the plasters that have covered them [they are a pig to wash off].

I have been feeling pretty low all weekend despite the transfusion on Friday and I am not expecting my blood counts and levels to be that good for tomorrow.

I also took the opportunity of returning the TENS machine to the hospital that I was so kindly given on loan when I required it for the pains in my back. I signed myself off from the Pain Clinic now that I am being tended to by the Cancer ward at the University City hospital.

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At 5:43 am , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

I hope they are giving you something better for the pain than tens unit..lots and lots of morphine..

At 10:04 am , Blogger old enough to moan said...

The TENS machine was for early days and I am now on over 50 tablets per day!
That and the chemo should work for now.


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