Monday, January 29, 2007

Growing slimmer

A prediction and fair warning: This year I intend giving over a small part of our garden, as tiny as it is, to growing our own vegetables [even if it is not very quantitative]. I reckon that if the UK continues along the path of importing food and not expediting the use of alternative sources of fuel it will become inevitable that food shortages will occur. Households will, and should, be encouraged to cultivate their own crops. So start now, before it is too late. I will post as and when I begin and how successful we as a family are, lets hope more so than my weight loss efforts have been thus far.
Weight loss this week: An extremely disappointing ¼ lb – still below the 15 stone marker; [14 st 13 ½ lb]


At 4:05 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's an outstanding idea that I wish I could try, but alas I don't have enough space in our "backyard" (really just a small garden at the back of our building). My contribution to the fight for 'energy stingyness' has been to live without a car for 8 years.

At 9:52 pm , Blogger old enough to moan said...

I admire anyone who can forego the use of a car, unfortunately we cannot, but we have downgraded to a much smaller economical car. If required, as we have a large extended family, we intend hiring one larger car for holidays in the UK.
Well done kvatch.


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