Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I am saying nothing

I was determined to make a post to my blog today as I took 5 minutes out from a not-so-busy work schedule to write a piece with reference to the Catholic Church's stance on Gay couples adoption rights. Alas, I forgot to copy the article to my memory stick so it will have to wait until tomorrow evening now, if I can gain access to my laptop that is. Our home will be full with all our teenage children tomorrow night and they all will want access to the laptop. As per usual I will lose out despite it being my personal laptop.
I always promised myself that if I had nothing to say then I wouldnt post to my blog, well this has broken that rule.
I am not looking forward to a 5 hour meeting tomorrow at work, perhaps I will have something worth while to say in that? But then again I doubt it, the others attendees always have more to say for themselves than anyone else. If they come out with anything worthy of note I will post it.


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