Monday, August 18, 2008

So much that is good and then some...

Another good day at the Olympics for Team GB, we dominated the rowing events and are doing even better in the cycling races.

I read an interesting article on the Olympic village and would’ve been a place I could’ve slotted into in my youth had I the will power that some of these athletes possess in order to reach their goals. Those that have not cheated to get there, and there seems to be less coverage or outage of drug cheats than at any other time, are all winners in my mind.

Whilst we are watching the best in the World compete at the Olympics the worst are still playing their own silly games with the lives of others.

I refer to an instance locally, and too close for comfort, when a man was murdered last Saturday night in the road opposite where we live not more than 200 yards away. It comes to something when the flashing lights of the emergency services do not drag me to the window [I really am a nosey parker, lol]. It has become so common place for incidents to happen that the blue flashing lights no longer grab ones attention.

The Olympics have the ability to take us away from the seedier side of human life and rejoice in the Athletic best of human endeavours. If only we could apply such dedication to improving the World as a whole. No commercial value in that I guess.



At 12:24 am , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

i have so much admiration for those olympians...what they have done to get there is so major..the dedication, the sacrifice, the hard work, determination...yup..
they're all winners in my book...


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