Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mirror, mirror on the wall

When I read the other day that George Bush has suddenly woken up to the threat of climate change I was somewhat pleased and yet at the same time horrified of the implications for the rest of us. Getting the US and G.W. Bush in particular to agree on a solution that everyone else considers practical is almost impossible. His solution is yet another harebrained idea that fixes the problem for the US, which will guarantee the continued use of environmentally expensive life styles regardless of the effects on the Rest of the World.
Thus, when I read that in addition proposals for sending particles into the atmosphere I was dumbstruck, until I went on to read that he also wishes to send a huge mirror into space to reflex the suns harmful rays.
Having read an article by George Monbiot I am even more alarmed that my initial concerns may come to fruition.
I suggest that any mirror GW finances is pointed right back at himself in order that he can see what it is the rest of us have been looking at for a number of years, especially with regards to his US foreign policy.
Perhaps he will also see a super power in decline if he doesn’t pay more attention to feeding people rather than cars.


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