Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Don't call us we will NOT call you...

Our ongoing saga with ‘Gritish Bas’ continues and gets more farcical with every phone call we make to them.
Again they failed to give us a return phone call as promised by a Customer Service Operative, we have however received another letter telling us they deem our dispute settled and if we wish to pursue the complaint any further we should phone them and not write letters.
As we do not consider this matter closed I did phone the telephone number as instructed on their letter header. You will probably be unsurprised to know that once I did get through to speak to someone they advised me to write a letter and not phone. I explained I had phoned as instructed by their letter and enquired what I should do next, they advised me to try writing another letter if I felt the need. They also intimated I would be wasting my time and I should settle by paying the disputed amount owing.
I asked if there was another body I could contact to further my complaint? I was informed that there was not.

I asked what she would do if she was overcharged for her electricity usage? She said she would query the meter reading.
I asked what if, through no fault of her own and unbeknown to her, the meter was not working? She said ask for a breakdown of their findings in writing.
What if you had done all that and you were still not happy with the final conclusion? She said she would phone them.

We have now contacted– who promises to do something that our electricity provider has yet to do ‘Putting consumers first’ “As the independent gas and electricity watchdog, our mission is simple: to get the best deal we can for energy consumers.”


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