Saturday, February 10, 2007

Snow Balls!

Recently we had a relatively small amount of snow fall, it was no where near the levels predicted by the weather forecasters.
As a result of the couple of centimetres of snow that settled all the local schools and places of further education were closed due to the ‘inclement’ weather conditions.
I can recall, as a lad, trudging our way to school through six inches [15+ cm] of snow and getting into trouble for arriving at school early. We, my mate and I, had left earlier than normal in order to arrive on time.
I cannot understand for the life of me why schools are so quick to close when they are always banging on about truancy and parents who take their children out of school during term times for holidays.

I guess in my day parents’ didn’t drop their kids off at the school gates like they do today, and car journeys may be considered to be a danger.

My own daughter managed to get to school on time only to be told to go home again. [Her school closure wasn’t even mentioned on the local radio as is customary]

Most of the kids from the school nearest to us piled into the local Super-Mart and purchased all the black plastic bin liner bags to go tobogganing down the hills in the country park; this may be better than being in school but what does it teach them about the ethics of education and work?

I was even more surprised to hear that a Head teacher kept his school closed for the following day because he considered it to be too slippery underfoot. Well if I was in charge of education then yes it would be very slippery, especially for those who close schools at the drop of a hat!


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