Thursday, March 08, 2007

The demons at the bottom of my empty glass

You could not class me as ever being a heavy drinker; I do on occasions, social family functions, have a few more units of alcohol than I should, but very rarely.
I have always maintained, and still do even now as a non-smoker, that alcohol is far more harmful to society as well as the individual than cigarette smoking ever was, or will be.
I have also advocated the legalisation of cannabis in general terms for many years and would go some way to including Ecstasy [E]. For that to happen I would obviously expect more in the way of education and control over these substances to ensure their correct use and the purity of each. So, just in case you are reading this kids [of which I have three teenage daughters], do not rush out and partake just yet, not without discussing the concept with me first [I wish].

It came as somewhat of a surprise to learn on the Radio this morning that a
two year study into the use of harmful substances, to include the acceptable drugs in use today i.e. alcohol and tobacco, has been concluded with radical recommendations to change the drugs policies in the UK.
It comes as no surprise however that not all of the recommendations are likely to be adopted by the Home Office.
If any government in the UK wishes to be taken seriously it should for once tackle the drugs problem head on and accept that we will never eradicate the illegal use of drugs and the current laws in the ‘fight against drugs’ just do not work.

It would take a brave leap forward to think radically and look at this with an open mind. Unfortunately none of the mainstream Political parties have the balls to do it.


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